Warcloud – Friend Management

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Warcloud’s original add/find a friend flow was a a confused mess of methods and user flows. I took all of the friend features and condensed them into a single tabbed screen.

Identifying the problem

The friends management interface is confusing, especially when creating a bet. What should be a very simple process was taoalsking users too many steps and disconnecting them from their primary goals.

Examining the issue more closely through user interviews and product review revealed several key areas that needed improvement.

  1. There are too many steps to go through to add a friend.
  2. There are too many steps once a friend has been added (or the task abandoned) to get back where you were. “Can’t I just go back?”
  3. Some add methods returned the user to an unexpected location when done. “Wait, where am I?”
  4. It was unclear whether, once added as a friend, a user was in the bet or not. “Did that work?”
  5. Some methods forced the user into adding friends one at a time unnecessarily. “Why can’t I email a bunch of friends?”

Goals for the redesign

  1. Flatten the screen hierarchy to make it easy to get back to the main app.
  2. Unify the methods for adding friends and simplify.
  3. Tighten the workflow loops so the user always gets back to where he expects.

How I got there

I started with a couple rounds of plain paper sketches. The most promising of these were turned into paper prototypes for a group design session. Issues revealed in the design session were worked into the Balsamiq wireframes.