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Warcloud needed to foster greater engagement among individual users. Even though the user base was small, there were clear patterns emerging. Most people opened the app and left. Some players were responding to bets from others but very few were creating any bets of their own.

The problems

Evidence suggested that there were two major problems at play here.

  1. Users would go through the signup process and find themselves faced with nothing to reward them for their efforts except more work.
  2. The bet creation process was too much work.

Goals for the redesign

It was clear from user research the app was demonstrating a variation of the “Ghost Town” problem that plagues multi-player games.

  1. Clarify the target of the home screen experience.
  2. Give users content to engage with as soon as they open the app.

How I got there

The first question we had to resolve was “Who are our users?” What was their primary goal for using the app, making bets, placing bets? What motivated their actions? Through surveys and interviews with our existing user base we learned that betting was a top priority over making a bet. Data collected from the app further validated our findings.

I began sketching new concepts that included the classic content-first feed that user are familiar with in mobile apps. I focused on making the chat feature a quick to find and easy to use feature that users had asked for as well as making the navigation a slide menu to minimize disruption in game play.

To test the idea of both the slide menu and the bet feed I created a set of wire frames and from those created an in-app native prototype of the new navigation. This prototype was distributed to the team and a selection of users to provide feedback which in turn refined the prototype.