Everest Poker

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As the poker fad was growing in the US CIDC (then GrandVirtual) decided to branch out of the casino business and get into this new thing. Considering the art department at the time consisted of … me, I had a lot of work to do; logo, lobby UI, table UI, visual design, and 3d graphics. In 10 languages. All restricted to an 800×600 screen.

A couple years later, I got to do it again, improving the user flow and updating the design to reflect new features, a new target audience, new branding, and more languages.

There were two great challenges to this. One was that the product team believed that the user wanted to see ALL the information at the same time, thus restricting our ability to manage the presentation of data. Second was the broad range of languages we supported. Multilingual applications present unique layout challenges that are best handled by fluid design principles.